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Project Development

For the most part, the early stages of a project determine whether a public or private hospital or rehabilitation centre can be run successfully. In health care, it is equally important to forecast future demands for specific medical services as accurately as possible as in every other service sector.

Likewise, it is significant to answer the question of who is going to pay for the services of the new institution and whether the particular scale of charge makes it possible to manage a centre successfully. After all, health care is considerably determined by regulations, which need to be estimated and taken into account in time.
These are indispensable tasks for any professional project development process.

Furthermore, it is necessary to scale the capacities of the different areas of activity on the basis of a needs assessment. The most expensive areas in clinical centres are, for example, operating theatres, intensive care units as well as elaborated diagnosis and therapy areas. Planning mistakes could result in a permanent mortgage for the economically oriented management.

hospitals is well experienced in target planning and the development of master plans.
Advanced systems of company organisation accompanied by systematic calculation of areas and rooms make it possible to reckon future capital costs at an early stage of the project.

To choose a planner is one task within project development. hospitals cooperates with various planners depending on the location of the project and enriches the stage of project controlling with its expert knowledge.

Project Management

Project management has a very strained notion these days. In fact, there are highly diverse types of projects and therefore there is a myriad of experts in the business field of project management.

hospitals solely focuses on professional project management for health care. In doing so, it is crucial to reconcile the three key concepts

  • costs
  • deadlines
  • quality

to assure the three of them co-operating in a satisfactory manner.

Project controlling is the exertion of delegable building contractor services and one of the key skills of hospitals.
In the course of our own projects as well as in projects we develop and realise in cooperation with our partners, we assume project management as direct and non-assignable building contractor service.

General Contractorship

Our partners PORR und Ortner are two of the largest structural and building services engineers focused on health care in Austria. The two companies command impressive references. Therefore, hospitals is able to provide highly professional complete solution services.

However, hospitals doesn’t make preliminary decisions in different domains or bind itself exclusively to its associates as an operating company.

The individual case and therefore the individual capital expenditure programme, is prevailing for the decision whether clients themselves or hospitals tender and assign construction and equipment services. For hospitals, it’s always an important question whether our corporate group is able to reasonably contribute its share in one of the described domains.

PPP schemes (public–private partnership)

In Europe, PPP schemes represent a method to counteract financing problems of public authorities, especially in the domain of capital expenditure. These measures vary in form and intensity and are, of course, no guaranteed formula to overcome funding shortfalls. However, under certain conditions PPP schemes can provide more than a financial instrument.

Nevertheless, every time the merits of both health care and PPP schemes merge and become operative in the course of certain projects, PPP schemes can become a formula for success. Yet, such projects aren’t very numerous in Austria so far.

In 2008, hospitals was able to form the basis of becoming the major provider of such projects in cooperation with the Social Security Institution for Farmers (SVB) in Austria. In this process, the most frequent form of PPP schemes in Austria is a common ownership of rehabilitation centres with a majority of private owners.


In the course of the above outlined PPP schemes, hospitals is charged with of the management of cooperation companies and contributes considerably to operational management.

In accordance with hospitals' commitment to our core competences

  • Human Ressources
  • Company organisation
  • IT and communication
  • Purchase and medical engineering
  • Medical and company law
  • Facility management

Apart from direct management, the corporate group hospitals provides further consulting services such as

  • Start-up support
  • Management supervision